TELB 2020 unit 4

For teachers who are teaching English Language for the first time, or for teachers who have only a little experience in the subject, this set of downloadable resources and online videos will equip you with all the knowledge, ideas and resources you’ll need for teaching Unit 4.

Access these resources as often as you wish, until 31 December 2020.

Cost: $77 including GST.


Alicia ArnoldAlicia Arnold holds a Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics major) and a Master of Teaching from the University of Melbourne. She completed the Master of Teaching with a research thesis looking at how functional grammar is embedded within the Victorian Curriculum and the processes that see this re-contextualised in teacher practice. Her passion for English Language began when she studied it in her own VCE. She is the current English Domain Leader at Box Hill High School and teaches VCE English Language. She also has a special interest in EAL and has worked in conjunction with the University of Melbourne to study the way students use translation and study skill processes in class to find ways that this can be incorporated into pedagogy to better support EAL learner needs.
Siegried FischerSiegrid Fischer holds a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching from the University of Melbourne and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology from Monash University. She is a Senior Engagement Leader at Box Hill High School. She has previously held the post of English Domain Leader and currently teaches both VCE English and VCE English Language. She first happened upon the subject of English Language when teaching the GCSE in the UK. Upon her return to Australia, she was delighted to find it existed as a VCE subject and immediately volunteered to teach it. She has taught Units 1/2 and 3/4 for the last 6 years. Siegrid is currently studying her Masters of Education at the University of Melbourne.

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