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VCE English Language

LingoPhat P


A practical workbook for students, LingoPhat emphasises how the skills of Units 1&2 connect to the skills required for Units 3&4. With loads of exercises throughout the eight chapters, there are complete sample answers provided as well. Download a sample chapter here.

$41.50 plus postage and handling.

ISBN 978-0-9925854-3-3


Lingofile P


For students of Units 3&4 English Language, this workbook includes a range of texts, metalanguage exercises, short answer questions, analytical commentaries and complete answer guides to each section.

$41.50 plus postage and handling.

eBook available exclusively from Lilydale Books www.lilydalebooks.com.au


VCE EL_3n4

VCE English Language Units 3&4 textbook
by Nicole Hacking, with Janny McCurry

Written for the 2024 VCE English Language study design by experienced classroom teachers and VCAA assessors, this practical text is designed for student use in the classroom. It contains comprehensive but targeted coverage of the course, with tasks and activities to encourage steady development in analytical commentary and essay writing. QR links connect to regular updates for the life of the course, presentations and other materials including quizzes to encourage active learning and regular revision. A substantial glossary accompanies the text, and the text itself is clearly indexed to let students and teachers locate relevant information easily.

Download the sample pages here.

$49.95 plus postage and handling. 

ISBN: 978-0-6452433-1-4




2023 VCE English Language practice exams for Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, and Units 3&4 (a full package of 2 separate exams is available for this level or a half set of 1 exam). All exams from previous years available.

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VCE English / EAL

SpeakingListening 7 10 P

Speaking and Listening English 7-10
(Digital Only)

A set of eight worksheets designed to help students develop skills in listening and speaking in English: listening for detail, listening for general meaning and listening for quotes to support interpretations. The resource includes a Teacher Guide with a complete set of answers and a Student Handbook. Download a free sample here.


VCE English Exams


Listening task, Analytical interpretation of text, Argument and language. Sample answers provided for Sections A & C.
Includes online access to the audio recordings for use with the exams.

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VCE English Exams


Three sections covering all Areas of Study: Analytical interpretation of a text, Comparative analysis of texts, Argument and persuasive language.
One or Two exam papers with sample answers for Section C.

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VCE Literature

VCE Literature Exams


BBE Literature sets are developed by experienced VCAA assessors.
They follow the format for questions shown in the 2023 sample examination paper. We provide page references and the opening and concluding sentences for the passages for close analysis, using the edition specified in the VCAA Literature Text List. 

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VCE EL_3n4

VCE Literature Units 3&4 textbook
by Sophia Kmiec

Written for the 2023 study design by an experienced VCAA assessor and classroom teacher, this text book is designed for student use in the classroom. It contains comprehensive, practical coverage of the course, clear advice about each SAC and the updated exam, sample answers and commentary. QR links connect to regular updates for the life of the course, with presentations and other materials designed to encourage active learning and regular revision.

Download the sample pages here.

$44.00 plus postage and handling. 

ISBN: 978-0-6452433-2-1



GAT practice exam


Again this year, BBE has produced a practice GAT TEST.

Section A tests of 2022 and 2023 can be purchased for $181.50 (inc GST) each or $242.00 (inc GST) for both.

Section B tests of 2022 and 2023 (adapted from a past GAT tests with new BBE writing tests) can be purchased for $154.00 inc GST) each or $209.00 (inc GST) for both. 

All BBE multiple-choice tests have an answer key and a BBE answer sheet.

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