Ten short talks with accompanying downloadable student and teacher resource booklets, suitable for Units 1-4. The videos are available for unlimited viewing until 31 December.

The students are absolutely loving it! They are really chuffed so many names we reference have taken the time to create resources for them. Thank you so much for doing this for us teachers, particularly those of us in the country areas. The students really value the effort. Nicole Jasinowicz, Wodonga Senior Secondary College

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  • Prof. Kate Burridge
  • Dr. Jess Birnie-Smith
  • Dr. Lauren Gawne
  • Dr. Debbie Loakes
  • Lee Murray, PhD candidate
  • Dr. Jill Vaughan
lightning talks 

Set 1

  1. Alliteration, assonance and consonance
  2. Combining clauses
  3. Connected speech processes
  4. Cultural context
  5. Register

Set 2

  1. Aboriginal English
  2. Ethnolects
  3. Morphological patterning
  4. Social purpose
  5. Overt and covert norms
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