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With explanations of and exercises on metalanguage relevant to each text. Answers to these and short answer questions provided at the end of the book with a sample analytical commentary for each text.

View a sample chapter and answers.


File 1 - Mirepoix: written text and transcript

Metalanguage focus: social purpose and context.

File 2  - Horse Dentist: transcript

Metalanguage focus: primary accent, intonation units.

File 3 - Eulogy: written text

Metalanguage: focus: verbs, noun groups, clause function and structure, passive, irony.

File 4 - Speeding Fine: transcript

Metalanguage focus: syntax and spoken discourse, prosodics, context.

File 5 -  A Double Buggy at Lahey's Creek: written text

Metalanguage focus: scripted speech, cohesion.

File 6 -  Big Salmon: transcript

Metalanguage focus: hyponyms, adverbials.

File 7 -  Quiet Carriages: written text

Metalanguage focus: coherence, formatting.

File 8 -  Obama in Australia: transcript

Metalanguage focus: politeness and face.

File 9 - Birds of Paradise: transcript          

Metalanguage focus: paralinguistic cues, deixis.