GAT StrategiesThis series of videos is based on VCAA 2016 General Achievement Test. The series covers Writing tasks 1 and 2 (including sample answers) and the 70 multiple choice questions (with answers). The presentations are an ideal way to introduce ALL VCE students to the GAT. They provide guided practice in the sorts of questions that appear on the paper, assisting students to develop strategies for approaching each section of the test. Watch the videos as often as you like until 8 September 2022.

The videos

GAT strategies 1: Introduction and overview   9 minutes
Gat Strategies 2: Writing tasks 1 and 2  15 minutes
GAT strategies 3: Multiple choice questions 49 minutes


Infographic - Writing task 1, and Sample responses (3) - Writing tasks 1 & 2


The GAT Strategies videos cover the entire 2016 GAT paper.

Teachers will need to provide students with a copy of the 2016 GAT made from the original 2016 hard copy. The version available on the VCAA website is not complete, for copyright reasons.

It is recommended teachers play the first video, GAT strategies 1: Introduction and overview in class before students complete the 2016 paper. Once they have done this, students should watch the next two videos and compare the answers and approaches presented with their own.


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