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What are we to make of the New GAT results for 2022

October 20, 2023 by Doug McCurry from BooBook Education

Without being too fussy, these quizzes give very good analysis and feedback on the performance of individuals and groups of students.

Google Classroom is a popular electronic platform for teaching and learning.  I have only recently come across Forms, and I have been impressed by using it, especially for quizzes. If you have not used Google Forms for quizzes there are good reasons why you might want to use it. and what you could use it for.

Google Forms is a survey administration application included as part of the free, web-based Google Docs Editors suite. The app allows users to create and edit surveys and quizzes online. The collected information can be automatically entered into a spreadsheet.

Forms allows you to analyze quiz (or survey) responses using either the built-in analysis tools or by exporting responses to a new or existing Google Sheets spreadsheet that updates as new responses are received. The built-in analysis tools allow for responses to be viewed individually or in summary.

Forms also has all of the collaboration and sharing features found in Docs, Sheets and other Google apps.

The platform is very easy to use. It seems you need a Google Drive account, and the quizzes are hosted on the website docs.google.com/forms. This is what you see when you logon to Forms, and from this screen you can do everything you need to do.

You simply fill in the title space, reload the page and you have the beginnings or your quiz.

For quiz responses you can ask for short or paragraph- length written responses and various forms of selected response items.

Clicking the cross on the tool bar creates another item.

Questions can be imported.

Titles and descriptions can be added.

Images and videos are easily loaded, and the quiz can be divided into different sections.

You begin at the tab at the top for Questions, and can move to the Responses and Setting tabs.

Settings allows you to decide how the quiz will be scored, how the responses will be collected and managed, and how the forms and responses are presented.

You can easily set the defaults for the whole form or for individual questions.

The Responses tab shows how many responses have been collected and gives a summary of responses.

The overall results and the results for individuals are tabulated and displayed, and there is an analysis of each question.

Without being too fussy, this is very good analysis and feedback on the performance of students on the quiz.

BooBook has developed and will further develop a range of quizzes for VCE English and English Language studies.

There will be free quizzes and some quizzes tied to BooBook publications and Study Guides.

Links to the free quizzes will be generally available on the BooBook website, and individual students may do them once or any number of times.

Teachers can download the quizzes and use them with their own students. They can add or subtract questions from the downloaded quizzes.

This use of the quizzes offer valuable information about the strengths and weakness of individuals and groups of students on a tested topic.

The automated scoring of test items allows efficient and informative assessment over a series of years.

Such quizzes could be an efficient and valuable resource for teachers.

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