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Lit cover U3and4 VCE Literature Units 3&4

written by Sophia Kmiec

This textbook has been written expressly for the 2023-2027 VCE Literature Study Design by an experienced classroom teacher and VCAA assessor. It is a practical text designed for classroom use, and to support students’ independent study.

The book has sections for preparing prior to Year 12, each Area of Study across Units 3 and 4 as well as the End-of-Year Exam.

Reading activities, ways to annotate and approaches to developing interpretations are provided, along with clear outlines of terms used in the Study Design to aid student understanding.

For each Area of Study, the book provides

  • Approaches to analysing and critiquing texts, annotating passages of text and ways to collate and group information in order to assist with developing student interpretations.
  • A range of tasks and tables that are designed for students to engage with their texts and build upon their content knowledge.
  • Tips for studying, revising and structuring responses to texts
  • Checklists and reflective questions in order to promote student reflection and self-sufficiency.
  • Sample SAC tasks and responses.
  • Connection of SAC tasks with the End-of-Year Exam.

In the End-of-Year Exam section, students are not only given ways to approach the exam tasks, but also a range of revision activities.

QR Links give ready access to explanations about metalanguage, text types and a range of editable resources, along with video presentations demonstrating how to examine passages by critiquing structural, stylistic and language elements. These will be updated for the life of course so that the book remains current.

ISBN: 978-0-6452433-2-1

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